Dentist Marietta Why Dental Cleanings are Essential

Dentist in Marietta Shares the Importance of Dental Cleanings

This topic is obvious to many because cleaning your teeth is essential for overall oral health, but dental cleaning, usually provided twice a year, are a more in-depth, specific type of cleaning, so why are they so important? What does the dentist do during a dental cleaning? Many questions arise, especially for people who aren't quite familiar with modern practice in dentistry, for one reason or another, which is more common than many would think. 
What is a Dental Cleaning?
This is usually done during a checkup, a specially appointed time and day that vibes with your schedule (apart from other services and procedures), or as a part of another procedure, like tooth whitening. Advanced tools and materials are used to clean every bit of stains, bacteria, discoloration, old food, and anything out of your mouth. 
What's the Process?
The process is completely painless, and often quite enjoyable, because of the feelings and the sounds of the tools and materials used. First, the dental professional will rinse your mouth with water. Then, they will suck out the material being washed away with soft water pressure. Then, they will use a specialized brush and gel to clean off every single tooth, systematically, until they complete both upper and lower jaws. The compound used is a whitening and dental professional grade material that cleans everything from your teeth. Your dental professional will softly brush your gums, gum line, and all the hard-to-reach areas. Then, they will rinse your mouth once again, sucking out all the debris that has been cleaned out. Next, they will floss in between your teeth, gently, going all the way down into the gum line. That completes the process. Knowing what they do to your mouth is the most essential piece of information to understand why it is important to have a dental professional clean your teeth when they recommend it be done. 
What Happens if I Don't Get Dental Cleanings?
A dentist's job is to find, diagnose, treat, and cure any and all oral problems. If you don't go to checkups regularly, and have your teeth professionally cleaned, you are running the risk of getting cavities, gum disease, infection, swelling, tooth loss, periodontitis, and other problems that occur too often that's associated with an unhealthy and dirty mouth. You can brush, floss, and rinse three times a day, and still get cavities. Many people just don't have the brushes, floss, and mouthwash to really deep clean their teeth 2-3 times per day. You'll always miss spots, the bacteria will grow, infections will occur, and then you have a problem that could have been prevented with regular checkups and deep cleanings. 
The cleanings are just a part of why they are so important. The visit to your dentist in Marietta is the most important part. They inspect your mouth to ensure you prevent problems. Prevention is the top priority of every dentist, and it should be yours as well.