Dentist Marietta Dental Emergencies

Our Emergency Dentist in Marietta, GA is Here to Help

When a patient comes across a dental emergency in Marietta GA, we make every possible attempt to see and treat that patient’s need the same day. When you arrive at our office, you will be asked to fill out a Patient information and Medical history on our easy to use computerized forms. Dr. Patel will then do an oral examination to see which tooth is bothering you, take an x-ray, and then diagnose the source of the pain. Treatment can then begin to alleviate the pain and address the problem.

Main reasons for a toothache include:
* Decay (cavity)
* Periodontal (gum) disease
* Physical trauma.

Once diagnosed our focus now is on preserving the tooth. At one time the only treatment was to remove the tooth, but with modern technology Dr. Patel can help you keep your teeth for a lifetime. With a combination of training, experience, judgement and skill, Dr. Patel will provide in a personal, and professional manner the highest quality gentle dental care. We look forward to seeing you here.

How to temporarily re-cement a lost crown or bridge with denture adhesive.
This first-aid approach uses denture adhesive as temporary glue. The denture adhesive isn't really strong enough to tightly anchor a lost crown or bridge in place. But using it can help to make wearing lost dental work possible for some events or activities, whereas without it doing so would be quite difficult. As soon as arrangements can be made the lost item needs to be re-cemented by a dentist.
A)Remove any loose debris from around your tooth or the inside of the crown.Check your tooth and the interior of your crown for loose debris (food, fragments of dental cement). These objects must be removed because they will prevent the crown from seating properly on your tooth. Loose objects should be easy to brush or rinse away.

B) Seat the lost crown on your tooth as a test.
Figure out the orientation of your crown and then gently slip it back onto its tooth. Then, with absolutely no pressure, close your teeth together so to make sure that your crown is seated properly. (The crown should not interfere with your bite in any way. Your bite should feel exactly like it did before the crown came off.)
C) Cement the loose crown in place with denture adhesive.
Once tested, remove the crown from your tooth and then fill it with denture adhesive paste (use as much as you want). Now, reseat the crown back over your tooth (the excess adhesive will squish out and can be wiped away) and check your bite again (like before, using zero pressure), so to make sure that the cap is in place properly. Alternatives to using denture adhesive paste as the "cement." Denture adhesive paste is typically considered the best, most convenient temporary "glue" to use with a lost dental crown but there are alternatives. Denture adhesive powder is one. Vaseline or toothpaste can also serve as (less effective) substitutes. Some dislodged dental crowns may stay in place surprisingly well without the use of any type of temporary cement at all.