Dentist Marietta Dangers of DIY Dentistry

Dentists in Marietta, GA Share DIY Dentistry to Avoid

It should go without saying that dental care should be prescribed, delivered, and monitored by a licensed dentist. But then again, human nature is certain to lead some people to coming up with do-it-yourself dental treatments and routines. Some of these DIY practices are harmless (and ineffective), others can have serious consequences for your oral health, including tooth loss. Let’s talk about some do-it-yourself dental trends and why you should avoid them.
Brushing With Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide
Many people swear by the results they get when brushing with baking soda alone, or baking soda mixed with hydrogen peroxide. It is true that these materials can provide what look like great results, but over time they can be disastrous for your teeth. Baking soda is a highly abrasive material, which makes it great for getting teeth clean, and potentially scrubbing stains out of enamel. Similarly, hydrogen peroxide is a potent antiseptic and bleaching agent. But using one or either of these exclusively in place of toothpaste is a bad idea. The characteristic of baking soda that makes it effective in the short term ends up wearing away enamel, causing irreversible damage to teeth. Hydrogen peroxide contributes to this process and can also “burn” the gum, something that should not be done every day.
Over-The-Counter Tooth Scalers
Some patients simply don’t like to wait 6 months between visits and have DIY tooth scalers that can be purchased at drug stores. These tools mimic that shape of dental hygiene tools but lack the strength and precision. Furthermore, dental hygienists are trained how to use these instruments, as each one is meant to be used in a very deliberate way. Using the improper technique or the wrong instrument can cause serious damage to your gum tissue or tooth surface. 
Do-It-Yourself Orthodontics
Several companies have popped up that can send you clear aligners by mail that allege to straighten your teeth without ever having to visit an orthodontist. While this may be true, it is missing an essential component of the treatment process. Orthodontics is about far more than straighter teeth It is about aligning the teeth in a way that supports an individual person’s overall craniofacial health. Anyone can design appliances that straighten teeth—that part is easy. It is knowing what needs to be done and why that makes seeing an orthodontist the only rational option of straightening your teeth. 
Don’t put your oral health in jeopardy—always leave it to your dentists in Marietta, GA!