Dentist Marietta Adult Teeth Growing Behind Baby Teeth

Adult Teeth Growing Behind Baby Teeth

It’s alarming for parents to see their child’s permanent teeth growing in behind the baby teeth. This isn’t a cause for panic, here’s what you need to know from our family dentist in Marietta, GA. 


Baby Teeth

Normally, a child’s baby teeth fall out as the permanent teeth push on them. The baby tooth’s roots dissolve making it easy for the teeth to fall out. Sometimes, it doesn’t work that way and the permanent teeth come in behind.


You might have heard this called shark teeth because it gives the child two sets of teeth. There are several reasons this happens. Sometimes the roots don’t dissolve properly or the permanent teeth arrive where there’s no resistance.


The condition occurs in about 10% of children, so it’s not uncommon. Most times, it resolves on its own with the baby teeth eventually coming out. Sometimes, there needs to be some dental intervention. Most dentists can remove the baby tooth without an issue.


Other Complications

If there’s not enough room for the permanent tooth to take its place in the mouth, other procedures might need to be performed. Disking is when the dentist slims out the other baby teeth to create more room for the adult tooth to maneuver into place.


Because teeth often arrive in pairs, it’s not unlikely to see two teeth have this occur at the same time. You want to ensure that your child has adequate room for all their teeth. Otherwise, they might suffer from issues with chewing.


While shark teeth aren’t uncommon, it’s okay to reach out to the dentist if you have concerns. They will gladly take a look at your child and ensure that everything is normal. You want the best for your children, so you have no reason to be embarrassed about your concerns.