Dentist Marietta 3 Tips for a Healthier Mouth

Marietta Dentists Help Patients Maintain Proper Oral Health

Much of what is required to maintain good dental health is, at this point, universally known: brush twice a day, floss every day, and avoid cavity-causing food and drink like sweets and sodas. But there are other things that can help keep your mouth in tip-top shape, and each is easy to incorporate into your existing routine. For the healthiest mouth possible, consider these 3 tips.
Stay Hydrated
A mouth that is consistently moist is a happy mouth. We know this because dry mouths are highly susceptible to tooth decay and gum disease. Smoking and alcohol are the usual suspects when it comes to drying out the mouth, but a great many prescription medications can do the same. Ask your dentist about which medications can potentially cause dry mouth and what can be done to combat it. Drinking plenty of water—especially tap water—has the added benefit of keeping your teeth bathed in fluoride, the ion responsible for strengthening tooth enamel. 
Use the Right Toothbrush
Although they are still manufactured and sold, hard-bristle toothbrushes have been shown to be damaging to your teeth and gums and are universally shunned by dentists. So if you’re one of those people who love the hard scrubbing action of stiff bristles, its time to move on. Soft-bristled toothbrushes are far gentler and still get the job done of removing plaque and debris from teeth. In today’s world, an electric toothbrush is by far the best option. These types of brushes use ideal brush movements and have timers that let you know when to switch to another area of the mouth. In essence, if you can hold an electric toothbrush, it will do the rest!
Stop Harmful Habits
Many people have what might be called a “nervous habit” that involves the mouth or teeth: biting fingernails, chewing ice, biting the inside of the cheek, and so on. These actions may seem harmless enough, but each can have negative effects on your oral health. Biting fingernails can damage the teeth and introduces millions of harmful bacteria into the mouth. Chewing ice can cause tooth breaking and make the teeth more sensitive to hot and cold. Some people even habitually bite the inside of their cheek and lip. Over enough time, the tissue can become traumatized and cause an open wound or, even worse, turn cancerous. 
By taking stock of your current oral health routine and incorporating these tips, your mouth will be a much healthier and happier place. Call us today at (770) 998-3384 to schedule a routine cleaning with one of our leading Marietta dentists.